(idm) CD Sale/Trade List

From Wavy Line
Sent Wed, Sep 9th 1998, 23:59

Contact: Pietro - redacted@example.com
I would prefer doing trades rather than selling these cd's (Please check
the Want-List). All prices are in Canadian Dollars ($). Shipping and
handling charges will be about $2. If the price is "not right", i'm willing
to negotiate. Method(s) of Payment: Cash, Money-Order (drawn on a Canadian
Bank), _NO_ personal checks (processing fees). 

777				Steve Hillage, Alex Patterson Derrick May... (CD) $10
808 State			10 X 10 (CDS) $10
808 State			Lift (CDS) $9
Adrenalin Hardcore Rush	Adrenalin (Compilation) (CD) $12
Ain't Going to Goa		Promo (Rmxs by: Dillinja, Simply Jeff, Utah Saints) $9
Apollo Four Forty		Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub (CDS) $9
Consolidated			Play More Music (CD) $12
EON				Void Dweller (CD) $10
Front 242			Front by Front 
Greater Than One		Utopia (Single) (CDS) $7
KLF				What Time is Love? (CDS) $10
Nine Inch Nails		Down in It (CDS) -no cd sleeve $6
Orbital (2CD)			Peel Sessions (9 tracks on cd1, 4 tracks on cd2) $12
Pagan Sampler			MixMag Promo (Union Jack, House of 909, House Doingz) $8
Palm Skin Productions	Remilizir (CD) $12
Prodigy			Music for the Jilted Generation (CD) $10		
Prodigy			Fire Starter (CDS) $10
Renegade Soundwave		Thunder 2 (CDS) $9
Revolting Cocks		Let's Get Physical (CDS) $12
Scorn				Logghi Barogghi (CD) $12
Tech Man			Tech Man 1 (CD) $10
Telepathic			Telepahic Wisdom Volume 1 (Aquaviva) $12
The Shamen			Make it Mine (CDS) $10
Tranquility Bass		Let the Freak Flag Fly (CD) $12
Ultramarine			Hymm (CDS) $10
V/A Force One 		Techno (CD) $10
V/A Speed			Volume 1 (CD) $10
V/A Deep House Party		D.M.C. Presents... Volume 2 (CD) $10
V/A Electronic Body Music	Another World- Part 3 (CD) $12
X-Rave				Techno Sampler (Megatech Rec.) (CD) $10
Zauber Vol.1 (Germany)	Promo "Zauber of Music" (Hyperium/Hypnobeat) $9

WANT LIST: (CD Format, with exceptions)
If you've got anything from these artists that you want to trade, please
let me know. If you have a trade/sale list, please forward that to me also
(Don't just send me a web-page address). If you've got "similar" artists
for trade, let me know.

808 State			UTD. 90 
A Guy Called Gerald		Peel Session (CD)
Aphex Twin			On (single), Selected Ambient Works
Autechre			any (except Tri-Repetae, Basscad, Amber)
Boards of Canada		any
Bug				Shut up and Sleep
Coil				The Snow (e.p. w/Jack Dangers mix)
Endemic Void			any	
Four Hero			any
Helen T			any
Hidden Agenda			any
Mouse on Mars			any
Mu-Ziq				any (except Lunatic Harness)
Plug 				Me and Mr. Sutton
Polygon Window		Surfing on Sine Waves
Squarepusher			any
The Mellowtrons		any (except Evacuate)

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