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From Eric Sorenson
Sent Sun, Aug 5th 2018, 23:49

note this is a different Rob Booth than the autechre guy.=20

Love so much Houndstooth stuff, the Akkord album is a highlight for me =
too.. "Tundra" completely kills...

Throwing Snow and Hannah Cartwright record as Snow Ghosts and IMO their =
"Husk" album is one of the best things on the label.=20


> On Aug 5, 2018, at 2:30 AM, Memjutsu <> =
> Call Super is boss. One of the best producers and DJs around. Aisha =
Devi also great (amazing live). Paul Woolford always delivers as Special =
Request and that new Pariah album is making up a fair chunk of my  =
current ambient fix. Got much love for the label.
> I do also very much like Akkord. Incidentally he dropped Curve - =
Falling Free (Aphex Twin mix) at 2.30am in da clurb a few years ago. One =
of my all time great IDM moments.
> I like some of the Second Storey stuff, and it's worth listening to =
Throwing Snow's album Embers. It's like a bit less dark and less weird =
> With Rob Booth behind the label, it makes sense that the label has an =
IDM tinge to it.
> Mem
>> On 5 Aug 2018, at 05:33, Ben Diamondstein <xxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xx> wrote:
>> I absolutely love houndstooth. Particularity Akkord. It=E2=80=99s not =
necessarily idm (or at all for that matter) but it=E2=80=99s really well =
produced and extremely dark.=20
>> ///
>> ben (mobile)
>>> On Aug 4, 2018, at 9:59 AM, Clint Anderson <> wrote:
>>> anyone listening to any of the stuff on Houndstooth, in general?
>>> i really like Call Super, and Pariah is OK .. in general it just has =
a sort of 'IDM' vibe to it, but with slicker production and more focus =
on aesthetics than technical virtuosity...still, not at all what i =
expected from the Fabric label
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