(idm) feedback monitor: playlist for nov 17/98

From Greg Clow
Sent Thu, Nov 19th 1998, 05:28

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Big news this week: CIUT is finally broadcasting over the Internet! To hear 
future editions of feedback monitor via RealAudio, visit the CIUT website 
at http://www.ciut.utoronto.ca between 10 PM and 12 midnight Eastern every 
Tuesday night. And visit at other times as well - CIUT has a load of great 
shows to enjoy.


upcoming shows: 

 nov 24: Toronto experimental techno duo synKratic will be in to spin some
 tracks from their debut CD, birth astride a grave, which will be officially 
 released the following night with a live show at the Rivoli featuring guest 
 DJs Greg Clow (feedback monitor) and K2.

 dec 1: Jason Amm (aka Solvent) and Gregory de Rocher (aka Lowfish) will be 
 coming by to debut some new releases on their Suction label. They'll also 
 be bringing down some rare and unreleased stuff for us to hear, including 
 an exclusive broadcast of their tag-team performance as Tinfoil Teakettle 
 recorded live at the Immersion event in May.


                   playlist for tuesday, november 17th, 1998
                               10 PM to midnight

                          [C] denotes Canadian artist


 ARTIST             TRACK            ALBUM                LABEL

 Black Helicopters  "I Am            Hammered Gods 12"    Leaf/Rotor

 Beanfield          "Close The Gap   Close The Gap 12"    Compost
                    (part 3)"

                                     Future Sounds of
 Lulu Mushi         "Blue Sonoko"    Jazz Vol. 5          Compost

 Wagon Christ       "My Organ in     Tally Ho!            Astralwerks
                    Your Face"

 Victor Szabo   [C] "Tmsol"          demo tape

 Klute              "Blitz"          Casual Bodies        Certificate 18

 Photek             "The Lightening  Form & Function      Science/Virgin
                    (Optical mix)"

 D.J. Monk & GM     "Cool Runnings   Toasted              Mutant Sound
                    (dubplate        [compilation]        System

 Pole               "Fremd"          CD1                  Kiff SM

 synKratic      [C] "Shot Blast"     birth astride a      Mushroomed

 New Vision                          A Major
 Division       [C] "Sonic Psy."     Complication         Orange

 Ryuichi Sakamoto   "Grief (Andrea   Prayer/Salvation EP  Ninja Tune
                    Parker remix)"

 The Orb            "Mickey Mars     U.F.Off!: The Best   Island
                    (red x mix)"     of The Orb

                    "Oxbow Lakes
 The Orb            (andy's other    U.F.Off!: The Best   Island
                    sparce mix)"     of The Orb

 Musical Nature     "v"              soundscapes EP       sfwd

 Earthboys          "Drumlin"        Effigy               indie

 Illusion of
 Safety             "Shadowplay"     Bad Karma            Soleilmoon

 Jliat              "(First Sutra)"  Abhuta-parikalpita   indie
                    [excerpt]        EP

 Jliat              excerpt          Hilbert's Hotel      indie


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