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From Mark Pulver
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>From the DigitalHell list... But there's something in here that a lot of
folks have been talking about lately. Can ya' find it? :)

And ... DON'T REPLY TO ME!!!!

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>Subject: [Digital_Hell] LP's CD's to trade
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>Just a few things to trade that I've got dupes of....
>Hovercraft - akathesia
>Aphex Twin - Donkey Rhubarb ep
>Spaceways - Trad ( on Shadow )
>Goldie - Timeless ( the single CD version on FFRR )
>Paul D. Miller ( DJ Spooky ) - Viral Sonata 
>Friend + Dr. CFosmos - Single Of The Week 50+m ep ( on Minty Fresh )
>Dick Hyman - MOOG-The Electric Eclectics of... ( on Command, and
>including "The Minotaur ). This disc is in "good" condition, and the
>jacket is in excellent condition. There are surface scratches, but they
>don't effect the sound. Plays well.
>Silver Apples ( on KAPP, with silver cover featuring two apples ). This
>is the often talked-about first LP by Simeon and Taylor. The record is
>in "good" to "excellent" condition, and the jacket is pretty scuffed-up
>with worn corners and a "cutouthole in upper-right-hand corner. Plays
>Arthur Lyman - Taboo,The Exotic Sounds Of Arthur Lyman ( 0n HI - FI, in
>mono, as it was recorded ). This is classic exotica. Record and jacket
>are in excellent shape ( jacket shows a seething volcano ). Plays very
>The deal on the records is this - since I want satisfied traders, I will
>send out LPs first, and let traders check them out before sending out
>their trade items. That way, no problems, if you don't like it, you send
>it back.

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