A visit to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Thu, Mar 9th 1995, 17:40

Today I had been at the Musikmesse (with Juergen Haible from AH BTW)

What are the reasons you should continue to read?

1) Lots of new Doepfer gear

2) A personal impression about the North Lead

3) A new design of Roland stickers !!!


To begin with the thing of real interest. There has been the new
Doepfer Modular. Here it is for you in ASCII text :-)

The sample synth was built of 2 rows each 2 HE into a 19".
It consisted of 2 VCOs,
one 24dB Filter LP,
one VCA,
a module doing both ringmod and s.th. I forgot,
there has been a signals mixer as well of course 4 to 1.
Somewhere I detected a S/H. Ahhh, a Midi to CV/Gate :-)
A frequency divider and a Waveshaper doing some clipping things.

All patching is done by MINI plugs! 
So it is really small. To see disadvantages in this architecture
is your turn.

Now to tell you about the sound. Thats a hard part.
I took half an hour to try finding a felling. Well, it's
a modular. Can I really tell s.th.?

The first patch trough the ringmod was pretty bad to me.
I did the classic VCO,filter,VCA thing to get a better impression.

The filter is - they said so - the Moog ladder one. It sounded
all right with a low to mid resonance. But with maximized res
it wasn' t what I would go for. Attention: Thats a first impression.

The VCO seemed fine, as well as most other components. They didn' t
seem like trining to go for the max. All inputs are quite
restricted in the number and not all possible connections seem to 
be open to the programmer. They headed more into the consumer direction.

their prices are LOW !

a VCO module is about 100$ , a filter 80$ and and ADSR 50$ I think.
A complete starting set should be around 1000$.

So long now, I have to leave .....

..... ahh - the lorth lead ? ...

It looks verry nice. Just this keybord and a Waldorf Wave might
be what a girl will accept in her bedroom. Well colored, not really
technical and a flair of noblesse.
The sound? Ever heard an analog?
I have, but I can' t really tell about this box. The sample patches
seem to cover a big part of the analogues. I sometimes felt a lack
of real analog flair. But that's perhaps because I was really looking
for a drawback. The common consumers ear will never hear a difference.

But who cares about the consumer? Aren' t we composers to get the
max of fun of the boxes?

Anyway, my SH101 won't loose it's worth, because this instument
has it's own flair as any box. If I have tha cash I will give it
another ear.


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* to the physical limitations of the human hand - AH - a great list *
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