(amb) RE: whitezone-l Re: (idm) + Bill O'Brien +

From obrienw
Sent Fri, May 7th 1999, 16:49

Finally a # of us on these lists banded together privately and

*one person sent Bill a very threatening letter.*

Yeah, it was an interesting email letter from Helley Kacket. I cried, sweated 
balls about his threats, called my mommy, pissed in my pants, and then I 
realized that threads on IDM about me were seemingly more common and popular 
than even Autechre. What would a new member say these lists (ambient/idm) are 
about these days? Trading problems and weekly junk techno sales?

I'm not going to say that I have always been a good trader, but I have been 
trading since spring of '95 over the ambient and idm lists.

In addition, I'm not a someone who continually changes alaises and email 
addresses...which is good for all of you and great for me when I want to 
receive physical threats from Hacking Kelly. Like I said, I had nightmares 
about the stuff he/she said.

It got to the point where I tried to beef up to try and minimize the expected 
punishment Kellet Hackey would be giving me in the future, but I figured it 
was no use. Maybe a beating from KH would actually turn me on, and we would 
meet up regularly for some good beatings.

But actually, I think it would be the other way around. I have no idea who 
Kellie Hackette is or his potential to cause me physical harm. I also realize 
his threat is basically meaningless since it occurred over the internet. I'm 
not a bully by any means, but if it actually ever came to defending myself, I 
think I speak for anyone listening that I would do so to the f#cking nth 

Now, for the sake of IDM/ambient/whitezone members, please direct any further 
comments about me directly to me and be considerate and spare everyone else 
from having to press the delete key.

Oh yeah, one more thing:

>***BEFORE YOU ALL FLAME ME**** I admit, i took 4months to complete a trade
>with another IDM'er. The difference with me and my trade is:

NOTHING...four months is (as many would say) FUCKING FOUR MONTHS!