(amb) For Sale List

From alalan
Sent Tue, Mar 3rd 1998, 01:36

Hello there all...i have a new sale list. All prices are american 
dollars(easier because most of the people that buy are from the 
states...however, if you're in Canada, tell me, and i'll quote you an 
equivalent price). Postage is 1$ for your first CD, free for more 
than 1 CD.

The fist two are rare, and economics would tell me to auction them 
off, so that's what i'm doing. 

Masters of Psychedelic Ambience - Mu(Atom Heart and Tetsu Inoue on 
       Rather Interesting)
Journeyman - Mama6 (Ntone)

Jonah Sharpe/Bill Laswell - Visitation(Subharmonic)   10$
Altered Beats - Assasin Knowledges of the Remanipulated(Axiom)   8$
Maisma - 1195(Em:t)   10$
Herbalizer - Blow Your Headphones(Ninja Tune)  8$
John Kelley - Funky Desert Breaks(Moonshine)   8$
Biosphere - Patashnik(R&S)   12$
Air I+II(Fax) 15$(double cd)
Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole   7$
Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust   7$
V/A - We're Only In it for the Money(drum 'n bass/trip hop comp)  8$
Sacred System - Book of Entrance(Bill Laswell)  10$
Goldie - Timeless  8$
Bionaut - Au Naturel  8$
US3 - Hand on the Torch  8$
Soma - Inner Cinema(Extreme) 10$
Coldcut - Let Us Play(Ninja Tune)  12$ (Double CD)
V/A - Jungle Dub 3(feat. Roni Size, Dillinga, Krust, Lemon D/more) 
V/A - Lost in the Translation(Axiom)  14$(Double CD)
Tuu - Mesh(Hearts of Space)  10$
Orb - Orblivion  8$
Polygon Window - Surfing on Sine Waves(Warp)  10$
V/A - An Ambient Journey(Windham Hill)  8$
Makyo - Rasa Bhava  8$
Tricky - Maxinquaye  8$
V/A - Logical Progression(Dj'd by LTJ Bukem)  14$(Double CD)
Sneaker Pimps - Becoming X  8$
Robert Miles - Dreamland   5$
DJ Shadow - Entroducing  8$
V/A - Hackers Soundtrack  8$

I'll respond to all requests after a couple days so i have a chance 
to collect them(prevents confusion for me...don't worry, the date is on your 
email, so multiple requests will still be handled first come first 

       Ali Lalani
          "When injustice becomes law...
           Resistance becomes duty."
                         Some montreal protesters