Re: (amb) African American Art

From D. Petrescu
Sent Thu, May 13th 1999, 01:46

If I would play something from a Bunker album, than a track from an old
Nigerian drumming album I'm perfectly sure NO ONE would be able to tell
the difference. Its strange how similar they can be. 

But I think tracing the roots looks more like this...                
        something--> african drumming
                 --> techno 
rather than...
        African music--> x --> techno 

IMO is pretty new and most of its influence comes from  new technology.
But because they are so similar, I think they're beginning to influence
each other now. I've heard alot of European elec. music putting out
hip-hop beats and influential & respected rappers going into trip-hop 
(Roots, KRS-One, etc). And is African-American influences really looked
down upon?? I mean forget Michael Jackson but jazz spread fast world-wide
not just in the US. 

Dan P

On Wed, 12 May 1999, Ben Jefferys wrote:
> Ben Jefferys wrote:
> > To conclude, I think the idea of tracing roots is largely fruitless
> > anyway, and only serves
> Sorry got cut off....
> Yeah...... only serves to cause arguments... ;)
> PS sorry to the individuals this has been sent to too, I'm not sure if
> people on the ambient list should be replying direct to you...
> Bye!
> Ben.