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From Blipvert
Sent Sun, Feb 22nd 1998, 16:15

Mapod is by far the best release I have heard on Dot. Even though everyone
loves Dot and would probably tell you otherwise, I would recommend listening
before purchasing other releases. Most of their catalog is much more
conceptual than Mapod. Mapod is very successful as a cohesive album but
a lot of Dot releases sound like sketches. I heard Mapod before listening to
other Dot releases and I was very disappointed in the output of the label. I
agree that they are important innovators but they don't have a catalog of
consistently enjoyable music.

wells wrote:

> i just wanted to drop a line and say that i picked up hab's maPod tonight.
> i'm not one for reviews or whatnot so i'll leave it at "fucking ace."
> what an album.
> how does other DOT stuff compare?
> .. also happy coz i found public enemy's fear of a black planet for $6.
> fuckin' GO.
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