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On Sunday, 03-May-98, NoZe Brotherhood wrote [about (idm) Answer these
questions please!]:
>Had a couple questions:  
>4. Everyone is always looking for hard to find Richard James material
>(i.e. Soit PP, Caustic Window) but are any of these side projects
>considered "must haves."  I was just wondering if these rareties are more
>hype then substance and which ones you guys would recommend and which
>ones you would say to steer clear of.

In my opinion it's all MUST HAVE..

but.. i'll try to sort it out for ya..

Caustic Window:

joyrex j4: not a must have (if you insist :D)
"      j5: definite MUST HAVE, for Jedi at least..
"      j9: if you like RDJ's noisy stuff, I mean NOISY, then this is a
           must have
picdiskJ9: this has HMNA, an awesome acid track, if you're into that
           sort of thing (I am)

Soit P.P.: This track IMO kicks major ass and is among RDJ's best tracks.


analogue bubblebath 1: must have (it's widely available from tvt)
"        "          2: another one of those, for the NOISE lovers thing
"        "          3: pretty average, got one of RDJ's best tracks (IMO)
                       on it (track 8 on the cd), and the cd isn't rare
                       at all.
"        "          4: MUST HAVE (for sloth, if not anything else)
"        "          5: average.. but have fun trying to get one of the few
                       people who have this to sell theirs

Hangable Auto Bulb 1: pretty average, a bit better than average
"        "    "    2: must have..

Polygon Window:

Surfing on Sine Waves: Must have.. some awesome tracks here.. some are
                       detroit-influenced, and generally house influenced.

Quoth                : pretty average, all except for bicycle pump meets
                       bucket which rules like mules :)

Q-Chastic: Q-Chastic: I've heard that the title track is the only this of
                      worth on here, I'd stay away from this if you aren't
                      a total AFX freak, coz anybody selling this will
                      probably try to rip off an arm and a leg from you.

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