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A few reviews for you...

. Richie Hawtin: Concept 1  96 cd (M_NUS)
This is a compilation of tracks culled from the twelve Concept=20
eps released in 1996 seamlessly mixed by Mr. Hawtin himself.=20
The styles on this range from weird electronica & ambience to=20
dubby minimal techno and even one track of silence. The tracks=20
are very much in the Profan and Studio 1 style . I was lucky=20
enough to get all the Concept 12"s when they were first released=20
but it's fun to hear what an accomplished dj can do with these=20
tracks. 7/10

. Mannequin Lung: The Art of Travel cd (Plug Research)
(I thought i'd repost this review from Recoreview, pt 28 because=20
The Art of Travel just's just been released and because it's so good.)
Joe Babylon and Alan Avanessian, Plug Research label owners &
operators,  release their first album under their Mannequin Lung
guise with the help of Raffi Taschian, Divine Styler and John=20
Tejada on a few tracks. Featured on this cd are fifteen tracks of=20
superb experimental techno and electronica including the excellent=20
building minimal techno track "The Silver State" which was on=20
the recent Plug Research & Development comp 2x12." Other tracks=20
of note range from the mid-tempo polyrhythmic build of "Nineveh=20
820 B.C.," to the luscious strings of the downtempo "Jealous=20
Igwanas," to the e2-e4 sample-driven minimal techno  builder=20
"The Silver State," to the sultry slow electro-swing of "Chai," and
the basic channel goes disco sounding " At the Car Wash." The=20
most impressive thing about this release is the truly unique and
refreshing sound that Mannequin Lung gives each of their tracks.
I've had an advance of this release for over a month now and the=20
only problem i have with it is that i have trouble picking which=20
tracks to play out since there are so many good ones on this release.
An outstanding album for the Plug Research label in '98. 10/10

. Further Adventures in Technosoul limited sampler 12" (Ferox)
A limited four track sampler from the second Ferox compilation.
This 12" contains new tracks from Dan Curtin & Mike Filly,=20
Miguel Gra=E7a, Fusion, and Ian O'Brien. The a1 is a supremely
groovy disco-flavored tech-houser by Curtin & Filly. The a2 is
a soulful jazzy track with a latenight feel and uniquely timed
percussion by Miguel Gra=E7a. The b1 is a funky techno track by
Russ Gabriel's Fusion guise that sounds like it features a live
bassist and drummer. The b2 is a slice of smooth electronic
technojazz that we've come to expect from Ian O'Brien. All
four of these tracks are excellent and leave me eagerly awaiting
the upcoming Further Adventures in Technosoul album. 9/10

. CIM: Series One 12" (Headspace)
A beautifully lush 4-tracker here from the young UK Headspace
label featuring two tracks of ultra-smooth atmospheric techno,
one smooth & funky electroish track touched up by Morgan=20
Geist, and beautiful electronic piece that builds into a nice
melodic d&b track. Fans of Herbert, Morgan Geist, and Carl=20
Craig should take notice of CiM and the Headspace label. 9/10

. Grow! For It, Vol. 1 cd (Grow!)
A compilation of smooth tech-house and housey-disco from=20
Grow! label artists including Glory B, Jeremiah, The Last=20

Discosuperstars, i-Levels, Alphabet and Maybe & Her Boneless=20
Sisters. Of the thirteen tracks on this cd, ten have been previously=20
released on Grow! releases 1-7 and three tracks are new. This is
a nice comp to see what this vienna-based label has been putting
out over the past three years. 7/10

. Human: Island Life 12" (Human)
A neat three tracker of retro-detroit techno from grange, bligh=20
and sherrif. The a1 is a string-laiden moody track that sounds
like classic derrick may. The b1 sounds like early an early
model 500 or cybotron electro-industrial piece. The ep closes
with a beautiful melodic beatless track. A real homage to
late 80s or early 90s detroit techno by this new UK label. 8/10

. Ampetek: white label 12" (Eclectic-Rome)
Four tracks of experimental electronica and techno with an=20
early aphex twin flavor to them. The ep starts with a slow
moody breakbeat track. The a2 is a harder breakbeat track
reminding me a little of Polygon Window's Quoth. The b1
is an even faster breakbeat track, almost d&b sounding, with
similar dark synths and atmospheres. The b2 is long SAW II-
like ambient track that slowly builds into a crazy metalic
d&b track then slowly breaks down back into the SAW II-like
track. The winner here is the beautiful b2 but aphex twin fans
would be happy with all four tracks. 6/10

. Inigo Kennedy: Spatial 12" (Molecular)
Some building minimal techno from this producer who has=20
released material on the Zet and Missile labels. All three
tracks do a nice job of fading several different synth lines=20
and sounds in & out of each track with the best being the
funky b1 cut. Fans of Downwards, Zet, Sheep and Missile
know what to expect here. 7/10

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