(amb) FS: Denon DN-2700F Dual Cd Player

From globalwm
Sent Sat, Jan 24th 1998, 15:27

For Sale: Denon DN-2700F dual Cd player (top of the line).

Features:        1. Pitch control in 3 modes: +-4%, +-8% and +-50%
                   (+-50% is *very* useful!)
                2. Instant start: 0.01 sec vs. 0.03 sec with the 2000F.
                3. Scan/search wheel (jog/shuttle type)
                4. Seamless looping
                5. Sampler function up to 6 seconds
                6. Program memory, random mode where the 2700 will 
                   automatically cross fade between cds. Great for
                   unattended mixing.

Excellent condition with all original boxes and manuals. Also included
is a special "short-cut" manual given to dealers. Originally paid
$1650 selling for $800. Made much better than current 2500 flagship

Anthony Ballo, Ft. Lauderdale
"True love is rarer than an Oberheim 8 voice" - Andre