Re: (idm) Re: how to write IZ-US

From Gil Yaker
Sent Thu, Nov 6th 1997, 22:18

okay, first the quick question:

someone posted about a week ago the real audio file of the entire Come to
Daddy LP. I listened to the music and really liked it, but neglected to
bookmark the page. could someone post the url again.  thanks

and while we're on it, my 2 cents:  Anyone can buy musical instruments,
and anyone can make music with them, in a generic sense, but there's
artistry in fitting together the sounds and fx and the mix just right as
to create a good or even great track.  Some ppl feel RDJ can do no wrong,
some feel he's an over-rated knob-boffin. Both are right i guess. 
Personally, I think you have to accept he's not releasing any -ground
breaking- work anymore, like SAW I and the polygon window stuff (or
whatever you find great). But CTD is a strong release, there really
weren't any tracks that I found to be crap. (and I was listening to the
RA!) I think he's also settled into his own sound, this this probably
isn't anything recent.  and so if you don't like it, all his music is less
than thrilling. But taking it on its own against the standard fair of IDM,
it's without a doubt a release not to be looked over.

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