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From Greg Clow
Sent Sun, Dec 20th 1998, 01:25

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                 playlist for tuesday, december 15th, 1998
                              11:30 PM to 1 AM

                        [C] denotes Canadian artist


This week's show was slightly abridged and ran in a later timeslot than 
usual. Since it was my last show before Christmas, I played a bunch of odd 
festive music in the last bit of show, most of it from those wacked-out 
blokes at V/Vm. 

I'll be off next Tuesday night, but will be filling in on the morning of
the 26th with a "1998 in review" special - more info at the end of the


 ARTIST              TRACK               ALBUM              LABEL

 Mediaeval Baebes    "Gaudete"           Salva Nos          Virgin

 Eavesdropper        "Songs for Zoe"     Pragmatic          Downsall 
                                         Guidance 12"       Plastic/Lowlands

                                         The Flow 12"
 Sonic Fracture      "Wave"              EP [split with     Endorphin
                                         Accelera Deck]

 Accelera Deck       "Drifting Out"      Narcotic Beats     Endorphin

 Various Artists     "9 (Pole mix)"      Remixes 12" EP     Fat Cat

                     "Babylon (my
 The Black Dog with  pastie weighs a
 Ofra Haza           ton mix by Scourge  Babylon EP         Warner UK
                     of the Earth)"

 Fruitloop           "Rak Up"            To Be or Not To    Cup of Tea/
                                         To Be Bop a Lula   Iron Music

 Haslinger           "War in the Heart   Score              RGB
                     of Eden"

 Jocrlyn Montgomery
 with David Lynch    "Lux Vivens"        Lux Vivens         Mammoth

 Stars of the Lid    "Anchor States      Per Aspera Ad      Kranky
                     (part 2)"           Astra

                     "Santa Claws is
 V/Vm                Conning Your        Stuffing 7" EP     V/Vm
                     Town"               [compilation]

                                         Excelsis: A
 lovesliescrushing   "Jingle Bells       Dark Noel          Projekt
                     (Snowblower)"       [compilation]

 Butcher Claws       "Merry Xmas         Turkey 7" EP       V/Vm
                     Bastard"            [compilation]

 Bored in Columbia   "Dreaming of        Stuffing 7" EP     V/Vm
                     Turkey and Ham"     [compilation]

 Alien Porno         "Ding Dong          Stuffing 7" EP
 Midgets             Merrily We're       [compilation]      V/Vm
                     High (Altitude)"

                                         Missingtoe and
 V/Vm                "Erald Hark         Whine 7" EP        V/Vm
                     Angel"              [compilation]

 Electric Fly                            Turkey 7" EP
 Symphony            "The First Noel"    [compilation]      V/Vm

 Stockhausen &                           Turkey 7" EP
 Walkman             "Simply"            [compilation]      V/Vm

                                         Excelsis: A
 Autopsia            "Stille Nacht       Dark Noel          Projekt
                     (gRAVE remix)"      [compilation]



 tuesday, dec 22: I'll be off enjoying the Einsturzende Neubauten show, so 
  someone will be filling in for me.  

 saturday, dec 26: I'll be filling in on Synaptic Paradox from 6 to 9 AM, 
  presenting the first in a series of "1998 in Review" shows with some of 
  my favorite non-Canadian albums of the year.

 tuesday, dec 29: Second "1998 in Review" show, featuring the top 
  non-Canadian singles/EPs of the year.

 tuesday, jan 5: Final "1998 in Review" show, featuring two hours of the 
  best Canadian releases of '98.

 tuesday, jan 12: Experimental noise-techno duo Orphx will be in to spin
  some sounds and chat about their recent releases.


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