Diamondstein x Sangam : The Ocean Between Us

From Jeff Davis
Sent Mon, Oct 22nd 2018, 16:52

File Under:  New Music You Might Not Otherwise Try / Buy

The latest collab from two of post-vapor's more respected producers
was released last week and the vinyl is shipping now. What is
Post-Vapor, you might ask?  It's a meaningless moniker I coined for
artists that may have started on vaporwave based labels but have
progresssed their sound well past the stereotypes you may associate
with that genre.  These guys are making straight up IDM / Ambient.
Diamondstein (Dream Catalogue, BLCR Labs, Doom Trip) and the
uber-prolific Sangam (Dream Catalogue, BLCR Labs, Kudatah, Doom Trip,
House of the Leg, etc) hook up again for a great album full of melodic
emotional gut punches. Last year's "Lullabies for Broken Spirits"
(also on DT) was excellent, but was really a split album with only the
opening and closing track showing the potential of full collaborative
effort between these two excellent artists.

They have evolved their joint sound significantly with this release,
and in addition to the urban drizzling nightlife found sound
atmospheres and pleading stabbing string pads you would expect, this
release brings in jazzy percussion, the occasional squelchy 303
bassline and plenty of tension builds. Recommended for fans of FAX
records, Global Communications, Boards of Canada, Kirk Degiorgio , Ian
O Brien.

Nice vinyl, pressed at Gotta Groove, and available now at

(Diamondstein is an IDM list member)


Jeffrey J Davis