Re: lately....dub techno

From Jeff Davis
Sent Mon, Aug 13th 2018, 18:57

uhhhhh, that's not regressing bro

Jeffrey J Davis


On Mon, Aug 13, 2018 at 1:42 PM, Clint Anderson <> wrote:
> lately i've been really regressing into listening to basic channel,
> maurizio, rhythm & sound, round one, etc, all the mark ernestus/moritz von
> oswald stuff
> and then that's leading me back into vainqueur stuff
> also really enjoying this dude Rhauder on Sushitech (sushi tech don't get
> enough credit for how well they impersonate classic styles with immaculate
> production) who ALSO did tracks with paul st. hilaire
> mr hilaire seems to have a good sense of who to record with because he also
> did some tracks, a lot actually, with Deadbeat
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