(idm) ft/fs boc, chlt, mas, mowax.

From Jeffrey Burk
Sent Fri, Jan 1st 1999, 21:14

=46ollowing are ft/fs. I prefer trades however you can make $ offers.

ft/fs/want lists

andre estermann, s/t, musik aus strom, 12
biosphere, deathprod; nordheim transformed, cd
boards of canada, telephasic workshop, 10, promo, (trade)
david holmes, lets get killed, cd
fluke, absurd, (global communication mix), 12
freeform, glob, musik aus strom, 12
funkst=F6rung, post.art, chlt002, 12
la funk mob, breaking boundaries messing up heads ep, mowax, cd
metic, sixto novaton, schematic 06, 12
palm skin prods., the beast remix, mowax029R, (rmxs by chameleon, glob.
comm., Ae), cd
pelusha, isolation, 12", trade for same on cd
phenomyna, unexplained, art5, cd
polygon window, surfing on sine waves, warp, cd
push button objects, ep, chlt003, 12, (grey vinyl)
richard coleman devine, s/t, schematic 05, 12, (clear vinyl)
richard h kirk, knowledge through science, cd,
salt tank, science and nature, 3xlp, (trade for cd of same title)
titonton, the arousal ep, rez001, 12
to roccoco rot, trrd, cd

Trade wants:
gescom, sound of machines, clr408