Re: music videos from the MTV era

From Eric Sorenson
Sent Sun, Apr 22nd 2018, 16:32

> On Apr 21, 2018, at 10:42 PM, Brian Behlendorf <> =
> Yeah, that Warp video compilation is amazing.  Pretty much anything by =
Chris Cunningham or Michel Gondry from that era was fun to mindblowing.
> Granz Graf is my ATF.  Wish I could find it in true 1080p, not just =
upscaled SD.  I'd love to know how much of this was generated from the =
same upstream source as the music, vs emulated afterwards. =

I'm not sure it exists in 1080p , since it targetted DVD resolution .. =
2002 was a different time :)

rutterford said it's not generative at all, it's animated by 'hand' to =
match up to the music...which is somehow even crazier than writing a =
program to do it


underworld - rez

> We Have Explosive holds up as a sort of Keith Haring on acid play:
> There was a VHS tape put out for the Orb's Adventures Beyond the =
Ultraworld, which someone has encoded and put on Youtube, at least the =
latter 3/4ths of it, that I for some reason really like:
> Orbital's "The Box" was pretty arty:
> I know the above are practically Top 40, but nothing was as accessible =
(and still pretty era- and genre-defining) as Bjork's All Is Full Of =
> And I forgot about DHS's "House of God" video til just now!
> Hexstatic used to have a lot of fun with videos and sampling:
> OK, pulling out of the rabbit hole,
> Brian
> On Sat, 21 Apr 2018, Chris Taylor wrote:
>> Anyone have any favorite Official Music Videos from the MTV era =
they'd like to share?
>> I was compiling a playlist of house music videos and couldn't =
remember if there had been a good music video thread on here. The one I =
put together is below but like I said, it's on the house music tip,
>> although IDM heads should recognize sasu ripatti/Vladislav Delay =
appearing for one moment in the extremely banal video for his alias =
Luomo's Tessio. What a fucking tune tho.
>> =
>> All the Warp videos were obviously really dope, I used to have that =
DVD they made. But yeah please share some vids! I live/grew up in the =
US, so all this stuff which I assumed was in somewhat regular
>> rotation in Europe never got played here outside of the really poppy =
stuff (like Crystal Waters or Real McCoy) or on speciality shows like =
>> Ahhh - here's another good one: