(amb) Pentatonik?

From Geoff Elgey
Sent Mon, May 10th 1999, 03:35


I've heard mutterings about Pentatonik's "Anthology" 2CD over the years,
but never actually found a copy or heard anything from it. Some say it
is essential, some say it is like (early) Orbital, some say it is
ambient, some say it is out of print. Web searches haven't provided much
further info to sort out the confusion either.

Now, the Deviant Records mail-order web page in the UK
(http://www.deviant.co.uk/mail_order_prices.html) is listing this
available for UKP15.00 - a bit steep, so I was hoping that someone could
provide more info on this release (ie, its style and quality), maybe a
few web site pointers, if it is worth picking up, and finally, if there
are other places where I can order this from.