Re: (idm) Vadim Question.

From Blipvert
Sent Thu, Feb 12th 1998, 05:21

Jason J. Tar wrote:

> As for the Gurov recommendation, the 2 albums are good...but not nearly as
> "abstract" or interesting as his work as "DJ Vadim".  More straight beats
> and cuts, lacks a bit of the oddness that made me enjoy _USSR Repetoire_ so
> much.

I disagree with this or at least I would say it differently. Gurov doesmore
with stripped down minimal beats. Call it hip-hop, down tempo,
left field or your favorite catch phrase. It is intentionally bare with
wide spaces between the beats which some people would define as
abstract. It is just as deep as USSR Rep but uses a different vocabulary.
Probably where the title _New Rap Language_ comes from- just guessing.
Equally useful as a DJ tool by the creative types but also useful as a

> Also in response to the original question searching for a Jazz Fudge
> compilation:  There is _Organized Sound_ which is ok, or even better is
> _Sculptured and Broken Sound_ which was compiled by JF and features many
> Jazz Fudge and Soup Disc artists.  Much better compilation than _OS_ in my
> opinion.

I don't know Soup Disc- tell me more.