[idm] audio-nimbus [playlist] 12.30.00

From pietro
Sent Sun, Dec 31st 2000, 18:10

Happy New Year to all friends, labels, and artists
who have made Audio-Nimbus an enjoyable time
in 2000.. Thank-you..

Here's the Audio-Nimbus playlist for Saturday
December 30th, 12mid - 2am. Broadcasting
unique electronic experiments on CJAM 91.5
fm in the Windsor & Detroit area.

Sense: Ear of the Be Hearer [View From a Vulnerable Place] Neo Ouija
Kettel: Red Shed [Unreleased] Reimer Eising demo
Metamatics: Colmic Zeus [Colmic Zeus EP] Dot
Pluxus: Pluxor [Och Resan Fortsatter Har] Slowball
Proem: Bliss [Amalgamation Comp.] Component
Kit Clayton: Nele [Nek Sanalet] ~scape
Styrofoam: Cashier Escape Song [Cashier Escape Route Comp.] City Centre Offices
Kettel: Days For Bennet [Unreleased] Reimer Eising demo
Sense: Choice [View From a Vulnerable Place] Neo Ouija
Lackluster: Trullcakes [Container] deFocus
Ten And Tracer: Kid Pills [Radio Mix #2 :: 8 Bit Comp.] 8 Bit Peoples
Mouse on Mars: Tamegnocchi [Autoditacker] Too Pure
Dude: Wave 1 [Neurokinetic Comp.] Toytronic
Polygon Window: Polygon Window [Surfing on Sine Waves] Warp
Aspen: Sugar [Sugar/Spice] Emanate

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Thanks to all those who tuned in! Feel free to email
comments about the show, or inquiries on the artists
listed to redacted@example.com.


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9745 lynngrove cr.,  windsor, ont., n8r 1b8, ca.

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