(idm) Stuff for trade. (3EF, Soft Ballet mixes)

From Jason J. Tar
Sent Sat, Jan 24th 1998, 21:05

hello, the two following items are for trade.  I'm interested in some
cut-up, sample heavy stuff by artists such as David Shea, Christian
Marclay, etc in return.  Thanks.

The Third Eye Foundation  _Semtex_ cd

Soft Ballet _Twist and Turn_  remixes by Polygon Window, Fluke, EMF, PWEI,
Orbital, Andrew Barker, Adamski, Shimmer Amalgam, Falconer, HIA, and 10th
Chapter.  Japanese pressing.

Soft Ballet _Alter Ego_ remixes by Fortran 5, 808 State (x2), Graham
Bonnet, Nightmares on Wax, LFO (x2), Jah Wabble, Adrian Sherwood, The Grid,
Renegade Soundwave, Cabaret Voltaire.  Japanese Pressing.

Also, I'll take offers on:  Schaft (made up of members of Pig, Soft Ballet,
and Buck Tick) promo 12" with mixes/production by Re-Load, Autechre, Sugar
J, and Maki Fuji. 


Peace Hugs and Unity,
Jason J. Tar
		Vampire Rodent Productions	
Featuring: Vampire Rodents, Ether Bunny, and Dilate.