(idm) new reviews at feedback monitor

From Greg Clow
Sent Sun, Jun 21st 1998, 00:05

The following reviews have been added to the feedback monitor website (visit
http://feedback.home.ml.org and select the "print" section), and will also be
appearing an upcoming issue of Chart magazine:

Automatic Fats - Molasses Springs (Ideosync)
Beanfield - Beanfield (Compost/Streetbeat)
Charming Hostess - Eat (Vaccination) 
Hemisphere - Hemisphere (Quantum Loop)
Jhno - Kwno (Delicate Ear)
Kraftwelt - Retroish (Hypnotic/Cleopatra)
Pimp Daddy Nash - Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz (8th Dimension/World
Q-Burns Abstract Message - Oeuvre (8th Dimension/Astralwerks)
Shantel - Higher Than The Funk (K7)
Solitaire - Nocturnes (Arya/Amplexus) 
Solvent - Solvent (Suction)
Amon Tobin - Permutation (Ninja Tune)
Various Artists - Imprint 1.0 (Imprint)
Various Artists - Somatic Dosing Unit (Beautamous Loaf International) 
Various Artists - Whose Forest? (Hornblower)
Phil Western - The Escapist (Map)

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