Fwd: Re: Ae NTS Session 2

From John D.
Sent Thu, Apr 19th 2018, 17:23

I like whatever I'm hearing now in Session 3. repetitive staccato 
drumstick on tabletop beat, lots of sick distorted bassy synths

> Caught the second half of it live. That stuff seemed to be on the 
> slower side of things. Looped through and started listening to the 
> first half, then saw that it's already available for download on the 
> Ae store.
> First track, "elyc9 7hres", is pretty insane, in a very, very good 
> way. Next track, "six of eight (midst)", is also really good. Almost 
> Chiastic Slide-y in some ways.
> Cannot believe we're getting eight hours of new Ae in less than a month.