AW: [afx] Re: DS: (idm) RDJ troll on Warp-Net...

From Gomez Ricardo
Sent Tue, Sep 1st 1998, 13:45

Come on people. It was a JOKE.
It came up after we heard of the so called AFX Single Window Licker....

so there's no afx movie , no afx cereals, no afx OS and no afx cable
tv.......but there' will be a new girlie band ,
they'll call themselves "Aphsex Tramps" consume tons o' mushrooms and
play evil acid-tekno....their debut album 
'Suck my Acid Pussy' will be out soon featuring some remixes by RDJ
himself (Stiff Corn Rmx1-3)

>Van: 	Hoopert The Bear The Dancing YellOO
>Verzonden: 	zaterdag 29 augustus 1998 19:20
>Onderwerp: 	[afx] Re: DS: (idm) RDJ troll on Warp-Net...
>From: "Hoopert The Bear The Dancing YellOO Bear" <>
>--hoopert the bear the dancing yello bear
>>>>> here we go again...
>>>>> reminds me of that "so called afx teack " someone 'found' on a 
>>>>> Do you people know there is going to be an AFX movie released at 
>the end
>>>>> of this year?
>>>>Supposedly in the style of Quatermass, that Hammer type stuff. Should 
>>>>RAAAWWWWKKK. Yeah right.
>>>>> And what about that new cereals, Aphex Crunchies ?
>>>>not to mention the new cable channel, Aphex Sports Central, and the 
>>>>operating system, Polygon Windows 98.
>>>Yeah but it's full of bugs: I just installed the PW98 beta and Dr. 
>>>told me there wasn't enough 
>>>virtual corn.
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