Re: (idm) illegible covers, graphic design etc.

From Jeffrey Burk
Sent Tue, Nov 4th 1997, 02:50

what about tyops? i just bought gong: a sprinkling of clouds and theres this
glaring tpyo on the back cover ... if there are any artists on this list
creating work for cd + record jackets can you proof once more before you go to
print? wrote:

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> <<
> ABSOLUTELY !!!  Tri Rep was 'minimal' but at least if you look
> closely, it's all there somewhere.  But Chiastic Slide is just
> contrived and doesn't even look good, *IMO*.>>
> Another example of form, function, and expression within graphic design would
> be the latest Aphex Twin release. Earlier on the list, people debated as to
> whether the ep was a "pisstake". If you could judge it strictly by the
> sleeve, I would have to say that it is exactly that.  Instead of mind blowing
> graphics, we get something that seems almost half-assed. No interesting
> typographic work, just good ol' helvetica, left justified with really
> horrible leading. Instead of a piece of art, we get something that looks like
> a "product", uncared for, slapped together, and distributed for mass
> consumption.

some of the aphex artwork is very cool with crunched up dirty and rusted icons
... (ie selected amb works II). but RDJ has actually been quoted as saying he
doesnt care what something looks like AT ALL (ca. polygon window). in fact you
can see that he uses The Face in a satirical manner as a way to get this point
across. ugh. that sinister grin ... this came to a head when he painted his own
portrait for cover art. he doesnt care much about the visual or typesetting- he
wants you to concentrate on the aural.

> What the Designers Republic seems to do best is taking the audio
> material, wether it be the music or the manner or attitude it was created,
> and expressing in visual context.

i agree. artwork should meld a concept and add to a work without becoming
overbearing and mindless. some graphic artists choose to create cover artwork
that just doesnt serve the purpose of an artist/particular project and only
serves their own.