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Sent Thu, Feb 12th 1998, 01:28

Brock Phillips wrote:

> > Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 02:01:44 +0000
> > From: lwtcdi <xxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xx.xx>
> > Subject: (idm) Vadim/Cujo Questions and a Top Ten...
> >
> > Hi all, just a couple of posers for you...
> >
> > a) Anyone know whether DJ Vadims Jazz Fudge labels has put out a
> > compilation? If not, what releases from this label do people reccomend?
> > Also, anyone want to copy me the Vadim LP "USSR Repetoire" or any of the
> > Jazz Fudge stuff in exchange for a tape of anything I've got?
> According to a flyer that came with USSR Reconstruction (which is ace, by
> the way...all four slabs of vinyl) Jazz Fudge put out a compilation on
> LP/CD in '96 called "Organised Sound". Sixteen cuts, catalog # JFR 005.
> Good luck, hope this helps.
> Point of interest: Vadim is supposedly working with Company Flow on a
> track, no news yet as far as a release date goes.

Picked up Andre Gurov's _New Rap Language_ last week. I plan
on buying every Jazz Fudge release based on the strengthe of this
LP and USSR Repertoire. I also reccomend every release on Rawkus.