Re: (amb) African American Art

From Ben Jefferys
Sent Thu, May 13th 1999, 13:01

Kelley Hackett wrote:

> > Jaun Atkins
> > has
> > always been quite understandably bitter on this point - I mean he
> > practically invented techno 15 years ago

When were Kraftwerk doing their work? Longer than 15 years I thought?
Depends if you think that they're techno, of course. Never heard Atkins
stuff so can't judge.

> > and should by rights be a
> > rich and
> > respected figure in his own country yet still lives in relative
> > poverty and
> > obscurity.

Sadly, a common syndrome amongst innovators.

Also, I have never heard of any of the people you mention (as you say,
obscurity). Maybe I'll visit CD Now later and take a listen.