(idm) Records for sale!

From Johan Jaatinen
Sent Mon, Apr 13th 1998, 11:17

I have the following items for sale. Prices do not include shipping. I
accept payment in US dollars, UK pounds (1 pound = 1.5 dollars) or Swedish
crowns (1 dollar = 8 crowns). For other for sale lists (KLF, Pet Shop Boys,
Old school European techno, Pop, Italo disco), e-mail me privately.

$15 CDR  APHEX TWIN: Live tracks / Peel Session
$10 CD   APHEX TWIN: Richard D James (US issue incl. Girl/Boy EP)
$7  CDM  APHEX TWIN/POLYGON WINDOW: Quoth (with hidden track)
$12 CD   BANCO DE GAIA: Maya
$15 12"  BLUE PEARL: Naked In the Rain (Promo incl. 2 KLF mixes)
$10 CD   KRAFTWERK: The Model (Retrospective 1975-1978)
$5  CDM  LAURENT GARNIER & MIX MASTER DOODY: French Connection (6 tracks)
$5  12"  METAMATICS: EP 03 (Clear test press)
$2  CDS  NEW ORDER: Regret (2 mixes)
$15 7"   MOBY: All That I Need... / New Dawn Fades (Rare clear vinyl)
$3  MCS  MOBY: Into the Blue (cassingle, includes "Shining")
$5  CDM  MOBY: James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-version)
$7  CDM  MOBY/UHF: UHF (5-track EP)
$15 12"  MOBY/VOODOO CHILD: Voodoo Child (Original Instinct 12")
$20 12"  MR. LOVE feat. ETERNITY: Mr. Love (Very rare Youth / Thrash collab.)
$10 CD   NIGHTMARES ON WAX: Smoker's Delight
$15 12"  ORB: A Huge Ever Growing Brain (MWS 017T promo)
$25 12"  ORB: Kiss EP
$8  CD   ORB: Orbvs Terrarum
$7  12"  PLASTIKMAN: Sickness / Panikattack (NovaMute)
$4  12"  PORTER RICKS: Vol 2
$7  12"  SPOOKY: Fingerbobs (Promo)
$15 12"  SQUAREPUSHER: Crot (Ltd to 150 copies)
$6  12"  T POWER: Symbiosis / Complexification (Ltd to 2500 copies)
$7  CDM  YETI/TUPILAQ: Bethelfur EP (Holtkotter Sampler)
$10 CD   VARIOUS mixed by DAVE CLARKE and KID BACHELOR: Network Megamixes 1995
$10 CD   VARIOUS: Hands On Yello (Cosmic Baby, Carl Craig, Orb etc.)
$6  CD   VARIOUS: Multimood Records Sampler 1986-1996
$6  CD   VARIOUS: Hypnotic Sounds (FSOL, System 7, Juno Reactor etc.)

The following items are up for auction, bidding ends on April 24. Starting
bids are shown.

* AUTECHRE: Radio Mix CD. Starting bid: $30

* Eternity Project One - Very rare CD with different KLF / Orb
collaborations. (Includes the CD bonus track knows as "6:01", "The Orb" and
"KLF slow the beats" which is a collaboration between Jimmy, Bill and
Alex.) Starting bid: $50

* Orb: Aubrey Mixes CD. Starting bid: $30


Johan Jaatinen, Umea, Sweden    redacted@example.com / redacted@example.com