Re: TBD vs. vaporwave

From Jeff Davis
Sent Fri, Aug 24th 2018, 15:17

Not really a breakthrough VW track, but artist = Neko-shi Corporation
(Cat Corporation)

Jeffrey J Davis


On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 9:40 PM,  <> wrote:
> I deleted the message this morning that linked to The Black Dog mix, but not
> before checking out the mix.  (I don't care about the "hoax" and all that
> drama -- I'm just here to talk about the music.)
> Don't get me wrong, I appreciate some the material on _Liber Dogma_ ("Eden
> 353" and "Feeder Rub Out" come to mind), and I certainly appreciated the
> heads up this morning, but I found the mix really, really boring.
> Tonight, as I sit here jamming out to vaporwave (yet again), I was
> reflecting on why I currently dig the style so much.  And it's funny: some
> of it sort of takes me back to TBD live @ the Black Lodge.  Which, like a
> lot of vaporwave, was originally only available as a limited edition
> cassette haha.
> I think the track linked below is about 5 years old, but I just heard it for
> the first time this week, and it completely blows away anything TBD has done
> this millennium
> Can somebody less ignorant please translate the name of that artist?
> TIA and cheers,
> phase
> np: "Closing Hour" from same release (SPECIAL EDITION)