Re: (idm) Kirk Degiorgio Interview

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Sent Sat, Jan 31st 1998, 01:17

Anyone with this mag and a scannere willing to email the article my way?
SOS is unavailable to me.

Steve Grant

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> Probably of interest to various members of the list is an interview with
> Kirk Degiorgio that appears in this months issue of 'Sound On Sound'
> magazine.
> The interview is pretty technology based and amounts to a 'history of
> Kirk's gear'. He also talks a bit about his (old man) production
> values which was interesting.
> An interesting fact that i learnt from the interview was that Kirk's first
> equipment setup included Derrick May's DX100 and Kawai K3 (containing
> Derrick May's sounds!) which Derrick had left in the UK because he
> couldn't be arsed to take it back to the US.
> So there you go,
> Mark.