(amb) RE: whitezone-l Re: (idm) + Bill O'Brien +

From Kelley Hackett
Sent Fri, May 7th 1999, 17:01

Looks like ya bitch ass got enough nutz to talk now, ya must of had them
surgically implanted!

Well, I will save the chatter!  ha ha ha 

I pray that we meet one day, and then, just like a new EP from Autechre,
bitch, I will post the results!


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> Finally a # of us on these lists banded together privately and
> *one person sent Bill a very threatening letter.*
> Yeah, it was an interesting email letter from Helley Kacket. I cried,
> sweated 
> balls about his threats, called my mommy, pissed in my pants, and then
> I 
> realized that threads on IDM about me were seemingly more common and
> popular 
> than even Autechre. What would a new member say these lists
> (ambient/idm) are 
> about these days? Trading problems and weekly junk techno sales?
> I'm not going to say that I have always been a good trader, but I have
> been 
> trading since spring of '95 over the ambient and idm lists.
> In addition, I'm not a someone who continually changes alaises and
> email 
> addresses...which is good for all of you and great for me when I want
> to 
> receive physical threats from Hacking Kelly. Like I said, I had
> nightmares 
> about the stuff he/she said.
> It got to the point where I tried to beef up to try and minimize the
> expected 
> punishment Kellet Hackey would be giving me in the future, but I
> figured it 
> was no use. Maybe a beating from KH would actually turn me on, and we
> would 
> meet up regularly for some good beatings.
> But actually, I think it would be the other way around. I have no idea
> who 
> Kellie Hackette is or his potential to cause me physical harm. I also
> realize 
> his threat is basically meaningless since it occurred over the
> internet. I'm 
> not a bully by any means, but if it actually ever came to defending
> myself, I 
> think I speak for anyone listening that I would do so to the f#cking
> nth 
> degree.
> Now, for the sake of IDM/ambient/whitezone members, please direct any
> further 
> comments about me directly to me and be considerate and spare everyone
> else 
> from having to press the delete key.
> Oh yeah, one more thing:
> >***BEFORE YOU ALL FLAME ME**** I admit, i took 4months to complete a
> trade
> >with another IDM'er. The difference with me and my trade is:
> NOTHING...four months is (as many would say) FUCKING FOUR MONTHS!
> --Bill