Re: music videos from the MTV era

From Brian Behlendorf
Sent Sun, Apr 22nd 2018, 05:40

Yeah, that Warp video compilation is amazing.  Pretty much anything by 
Chris Cunningham or Michel Gondry from that era was fun to mindblowing.

Granz Graf is my ATF.  Wish I could find it in true 1080p, not just 
upscaled SD.  I'd love to know how much of this was generated from the 
same upstream source as the music, vs emulated afterwards.

We Have Explosive holds up as a sort of Keith Haring on acid play:

There was a VHS tape put out for the Orb's Adventures Beyond the 
Ultraworld, which someone has encoded and put on Youtube, at least the 
latter 3/4ths of it, that I for some reason really like:

Orbital's "The Box" was pretty arty:

I know the above are practically Top 40, but nothing was as accessible 
(and still pretty era- and genre-defining) as Bjork's All Is Full Of Love

And I forgot about DHS's "House of God" video til just now!

Hexstatic used to have a lot of fun with videos and sampling:

OK, pulling out of the rabbit hole,


On Sat, 21 Apr 2018, Chris Taylor wrote:
> Anyone have any favorite Official Music Videos from the MTV era they'd like to share?
> I was compiling a playlist of house music videos and couldn't remember if there had been a good music video thread on here. The one I put together is below but like I said, it's on the house music tip,
> although IDM heads should recognize sasu ripatti/Vladislav Delay appearing for one moment in the extremely banal video for his alias Luomo's Tessio. What a fucking tune tho.
> All the Warp videos were obviously really dope, I used to have that DVD they made. But yeah please share some vids! I live/grew up in the US, so all this stuff which I assumed was in somewhat regular
> rotation in Europe never got played here outside of the really poppy stuff (like Crystal Waters or Real McCoy) or on speciality shows like Amp.
> Ahhh - here's another good one: