Re: (idm) afx help

From multsanta
Sent Thu, Dec 11th 1997, 00:27 writes:

>some help needed 
>on which releases (and labels please) are these
>tracks featured :

all the info you need is at
but, since i pretty much know it all off the top of my head, here goes...

>Aphex Twin - Aphex Airlines

"A Brief History of Ambient 4: Isolationisms" 2xCD (Virgin)
kinda limited, but last time i checked Isolation Tank (, i
think) had this in stock.

>Aphex Twin - Phlid 

"Secret Tracks 2", a cassette that came with an old (1994, i think) issue
of Select Magazine.  It's long gone, as far as i can tell. i grabbed mine
in a used bin about a year ago.

>Polygon Window - My Teapot 

on the limited two cd/4x12" version "Artificial Intelligence 2" (Warp UK,
Wax Trax/TVT US) i think you can still get this from warp-mart (not
entirely sure...)

>Powerpill (Paul Gordon Mix) 

erm... some dj magazine comp or something like that, i'll have to look
into that one.

>Caustic Window - Phlaps 

"Taking Liberties" on Totem Records... hard as fuck to find!!

ps: i'm still working on that afx buyers guide.  right after the mas
pps: while we're on AI2 (sorta), can anyone point me to where i might
find the version with the other darrel fitton track on it ("Metalurg",
i've already got the one with "blipsalt")

multsanta//reprensentin' all at da north pole///wishing a merry xmas///