(amb) African American Art

From Kelley Hackett
Sent Wed, May 12th 1999, 13:41

Regarding Techno........."The mainstream will never get a hold of this
music, because it's above their heads in some way. It's only above their
heads because they let it be above them. They try and relate it more to
European music and don't realise that it comes from the street and has
the same origins as hip-hop, soul, the blues and jazz."

I have not thought out my question carefully enough so stick with me
thru this intro.

In some intellectual circles, and others, African American culture is
viewed quite often in a negative way----(some of it is true----in a
general way)----but never, or very rarely, in a positive way!  From the
quote above, the positivity and contributions of African American
culture and its influence on world culture is clearly displayed!

Why do many seek to down play the role of African American culture and
its influence on the world?(looks like I didnt need an intro for that!)