Re: FiiO X7 Portable High Res Player 384kHz/32bit Natives DSD64/128 USB DAC & AMP 2

From Joost Molenaar
Sent Sun, Apr 29th 2018, 14:21

Hi Dave, I own a Fiio M3, which is quite a bit cheaper than this X7.
I have to say that as an entry model the sound is pretty nice,
but the software / user interface is kind of disappointing. The
software really doesn't do very well with large music collections.
For long titles such as 'A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain
That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld - Live Mix Mk II'
it only shows the first 12 characters or so, which may be a lot in
Chinese, but it's just not the same experience in English. Large
lists are displayed unsorted, that is, the order in which the tracks
were written to the SD card, so you have to use a FAT sorter to
get any kind of usability out of the menus. Really........

Overall I got the impression that it's a "job done" kind of software
implementation, where you can feel that the programmer is not
the user of the software. Functionally the boxes were ticked --
the device kind of does what it's supposed to -- but nobody seems
to have been really thinking about the user experience.

Because my entry model M3 disappoints a little on the software
front, I'd want to plug in my own SD card into a more expensive
model such as the X7 and try it out before actually spending
any real money on it.

I really miss my Sansa Clip+ with ROCKBOX...

Good luck,


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