[AH] MODULARZ 'R' 4 *Lucky-Man* LOOZERZ!!

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Modularz Thr3ad:
I just wanted to give another 'thumbs up' to the new-ish WIARD
produkts.(1600 seriez) I have seen the 'prototype' art design (its hard to
see on the web site) and a 'real' PcB. From what I hear the price is gonna
be 'right' on this one.... (Sell your MS-20's and 2600's now folks ;) Rumor
has it that when the 1200 series comes out (for those on 
budget)..doepfer/blacet/AS owners are going to be VERY happy.... ;)

Publik thanx to Mickey T. @ www.drummachine.com/ Just got some 'paperwork'
and photos (via snail mail) of the new Technosaurus 'slimline' (in a 
"breif/case')and the
new 'table top' Modular houz-ing. Now *this* is cool. (LEGION-LISTEN
UP)From the looks of the photos, this looks like you can "mix and match"
Technosaurus modulaZ and put them/order them in a small and slanted wooden
or metal tilted package. (kinda like the Moooooooooo-ger fuuuuuuuuk3r
pedals, but k00ler!- kuz it's not moog ;) This would allow one to build a
"selF incluzive modular" on a budget...OR only bring out live...what one
needs!  100% Mobile and Kompakt for all you ANALOG Gurilla Warfar3 NEEDZ!

Thanx for posting the photos Cary/Rod- cool stuff! I do like seeing the
goofy gear slut photoz ov all my AH friendz wanking-off!  MC-you really 
should not be
making fun ov my spelling ;) Has anyone posted any audio streamz ov that
PPG? Now that was nice!....

(for John Cage- the 2ed most over-rated wanker to ever grace the pages of  

If any of you *I-Dork-M*  'INTELLEKTUAL' types goto skool @ the Univerzity OF 
Illi-Noiz(U of I)in Champaign/Urbana. Ill be down there doing some 
musick Sat April 1st. If your into John Cage you might wanna go... w3ll be
doing a LIVE dekonstruction ov John Cage'ez '*HPSCHD*' for '7' virtual
harpsikords and 51 tape machines.......

 (and just think...YOUR tax dollars are paying for this crap! heh!)

Do any of you guys have keys to the Musick/Komputer labs? Gotta be something 
there we can break or steal! ;)

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