Oddities and obscurities

From Joe West
Sent Sat, Sep 20th 1997, 20:58

> Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 12:25:11 -0400 (EDT)
> From: redacted@example.com
> Subject: how many were made? ++
> i seem to recall someone on the list attempting to create a web page listing
> rare synths and # of each produced.  anyone know where such info can be
> found?  
> the vintage synths book had some numbers but was nowhere near complete.  
> id be especially curious to know how many of the following were produced
> oscar
> gleeman pentaphonics
> steiner synthacons
> steiner modulars
> synton modulars
> full emu systems
> full arp 2500 systems
> full buchla 200 systems
> roland system 100ms
> full system 700 systems
> oberheim 4 voices
> happy twiddling
> redacted@example.com

Well, that person was me, but after the vehement "it's not worth-it's,
and you'll have to deal with copyrights"  I never did it.

If anyone is interested, I would still love to do some sort of "oddities
and obscurities" page that isn't just the usual rehash of Mark Vail's
book.  If any inquiring minds want to know, know, or want to help, just
gimme an e-mail or post something short to AH.


I have this Moog Liberation that is unlike any other I have seen.  It
was Tom Coster(Santana's Keyboardist)'s and looks as if it was a one off
from the factory.  It has an extra switch on the neck, along with a
pitch-bend WHEEL instead of a ribbon.  What makes me think that it is
more than a hot rodded piece is that the plactic covering on the neck is
standard Moog, but fits with the extra switch and wheel.  

Does anybody know

1.  Did the factory produce some Liberations with these extra's.
2.  How could I tell if these things were added later(they don't APPEAR
to have been)
3.  Where the heckles can I get cinch-jones connector cables?  A friend
of mine who used to repair those carbonation/dispensor machines at bars
said that THOSE used to use them, but he hadn't seen one in ages.  

Well, thanks
Joe West