Doepfer in KEYs on filters

From Haible
Sent Thu, Sep 19th 1996, 20:00

I didn't believe my eyes, when I received the latest
KEYs issue. Now, this happens every now and then, but this
time they just hit the jackpot.

There is a statement by Mr. Doepfer printed, where he claims
that there is no real difference between a Minimoog filter and
a TB-303 filter, at least no more than component tolerances!

To "proove" this, they show details of both, the Minimoog
and the TB-303 schematics - closeups of the filter circuits.
The funny thing is: The difference is clearly visible, the
transistors connected as diodes in the 303 filter. It's just
the text beneath  the pictures that says: Look, exactly
the same thing.

I am ready to doubt that this is really Dieter Doepfer's
statement - I am quite sure he knows better ! God knows
what KEYs have mixed up this time ... and how stupid
do they think their readers are !?

See, I don't have problems with a bit of misinformation
now and then - nobody is perfect. But  they make
a large feature on filters, as opposed to the various
"myths"(how they call it)  around, and then they write
this bloody nonsense.

I called Mr. Doepfer, but I didn't get him on the phone
yet. As soon as I hear from him, I'll inform you again.

Now, let me make a wild guess what KEYs will present
us in the next issue: A closeup picture of a Pitch Bend
Wheel, and a Roland style Lever, and look, we found
an expert who prooves there is no difference at all (;->)