Re: analogue V1 #2110

From Olaf Molenveld
Sent Wed, Oct 29th 1997, 16:49

On 29 Oct 97 at 15:38, analogue wrote:

> Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 22:24:51 -0800
> From:
> Subject: WTT: Xpander for Nord Modular??
> Chad Gould writes:
> >My opinion is doubtful that a Nord Modular will be able to capture the fullness
> >an real analog can, if the Nord Lead is any indication. I think the Nord
> Modular
> >looks like it is competing with some other systems - from Reality to Kyma -
> that
> >not only have the analog simulation, but have other weird ways of processing
> >instruments.
> I'm wondering: has it been established that the Nord Modular will
> have audio inputs?  Standard?  As an option?  S/PDIF?  If it has the
> envelope followers and such to permit variation in processing
> relative to input signal characteristics then it could get truly
> crazy.  There was talk by one of the Clavia guys about doing a
> VOCODER module, right?  That takes inputs, filters & envelope
> followers to properly accomplish.  Must all come standard?

The nord modular has 1 stereo-input as a standard. It also has 
envelope-followers as a standard-module.

> >The "virtual modular" IMHO has considerable more appeal than a "virtual analog"
> >since the virtual modular has an advantage of being able to capture a large
> >amount of processing power in a small amount of space. You don't need to devote
> >an entire studio wall to your sound processing system. You can actually save
> >patches and recall them, which is a plus for many. And you can do different
> >types of warping than you can with a real modular. OTOH, I am positive that
> >there will be a small degree of quantization, as any patch-storage analog has
> >(versus a modular). 
> Anybody have specs for the Nord Lead regarding timing resolution and
> latency?  I've had this feeling (don't ask me why, maybe it was the
> Keyboard review where they spoke of zero attack equaling zero
> samples) that the Nord has a 'tighter' calculation of various
> paremeters (i.e. virtual envelope an other "cv" levels) and their
> effects (momentary oscillator pitch, momentary filter cutoff, etc)
> than other 'virtual' contenders.  It definately does a better job
> with quick envelope sounds than the K-2000's VAST engine, which
> apparently slices things up into  20 ms intervals (way too slow for
> FcM, but it does a nice job with AM type stuff, and not too bad with
> FM (shapemodosc)) and can be a pretty convincing pseudo-analog sound
> destroyer with the caveat that it only works on sampled material in
> it's memory.  How about bit depth?  I assume it's 32 bit processing,
> but what about patch storage?  They'd better give you more than 127
> filter cutoff frequencies for $3000!!

in the German Keyboards preview there's stated that the internal 
processing resolution is very high to eliminate stepping and 
zipper-noise. The previewer didn't hear any zipper-noise or digital 
stepping, and the nord lead also doens't have this problem.
Don't know about patch-storage though.....From what i've read most 
(all?)  values could be inserted in relevant direct values (Hz etc.)
> >And, at the price Nord's offering it, though, it isn't a big
> >cost savings. You can get a basic Doepfer modular system for that price.
> Sounds like you can get more than one 'modular' up and running at
> once on the Nord.  The versatility (sp?) is the advantage with the
> Nord ("hm, I think I need to patch ten of these just downloded
> virtual frequency shifters in series to get the type of chorusing I
> had in mind on this el-wacko matrix 1000 synthetic trumpet preset.")

you can get up to 4 'modular patches' running at once, each with 
their own output..