[AH] plz help

From aerg ggre
Sent Thu, Jan 6th 2000, 02:36


now that i dont have to blow money on drugs, i wanna blow money on synths.  
i have some money coming to me also so the total is roughly gonna be about 
1200usd give or take a hundred.

problem#1  always wanted a little moog ex.rogue

problem#2 i have a small collection of doepfer and blacet modules
         should i just go all out and have a heyday with expanding my        

or should i get some more drumboxes(808, 606, etc) or synths(101 or similar, 
small basic playable analog is what i'm after)

any advice would be greatly appreciated, its great to be back.

          making the world safe for me again...THE
GRAND WIZARD ATHELIA(or nick lampson, but that's kinda weak)
...maybe buffalo hunting. I GOTTA SILVER DOLLAR, nyah

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