Re: [AH] midi -> analogue clock

From Bryan Carrigan
Sent Thu, Oct 23rd 2003, 06:37

Doepfer MSY-2.  It's as small as 2 size D batteries and converts midi 
clock to roland sync and has a mini jack
out to drive an analog sequencer, ADSR, etc.   Note value is determined 
by dip switches and only costs about
$100 US    Also, it gets power from the midi in cable which is pretty 
damn cool.


On Wednesday, October 22, 2003, at 08:42 PM, alex.toevs. wrote:

> Hello,
> Is there such a thing as a little box with a midi in and midi out/thru 
> that converts midi clock to analogue pulses for sync with synths that 
> take external clock?  I looked about a bit and did not see one.  Some 
> are integrated into larger sequencer boxes (like the mobius) but i 
> have not found a stand alone little unit.
> thanks
> much
> alex