Re: 808 programming track-pattern switch prob (fwd)

From SuperBad MoFo
Sent Thu, Nov 16th 1995, 14:52

At 3:26 PM 11/16/95, Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92) wrote:

>> The 808 seems to have two states while in Ext.Sync mode.  The first
>> behaves as you described.  The second reenables pattern selection,
>> mode switching, etc..  I always thought this was due to some bizarre

>I haven't got this. Do you mean there are 2 "versions" of 808's around, or
>do you mean that every 808 seems to behave sometimes either of the 2 ways
>depending "how" they are synced.

808's behave one of two ways depending on the what provides Sync.

>Will a different midi to sync help here ? I use a doepfer msy1 which
>served me well for 5 years now.

Maybe.  The 808 behaves correctly when Synced to the MSQ when the MSQ runs
off its internal clock.  When you switch to MIDI clock, the headaches
begin.  I haven't tried an MSQ w/ any sequencer besides Cubase, so I don't
know where the problem is.
I suspect it has something to do w/ how the MSQ interprets MIDI Stop &
controls the DIN Sync lines.  The Doepfer may have a similiar problem w/
setting the Sync control lines the way the 808 wants.

>When I explored the roland sync style I found it's a simple gate that
>gives that start signal. If the gate wouldn't be high, the 808 shouldn't
>run at all. And it does start and stop properly. I just can't switch the modes.

Tell me this - when the sequencer stops, does the 808 show you the Pattern#
or the Trigger Beats in the current pattern on the LEDs?  It should show
the Pattern#.

>> I think I like the programming interface on the 606 better than any
>> other drum machine.
>Aggreed. Especially the simple design of play and write. What I like
>a bit better on the 909 is, that I don't have to turn the instr. select

Ha!  That's the same reason I picked the 606 over the 909 - I like knobs.


What's "CIP 92" about, anyway?