(idm) 14 year olds jammin' to idm

From Urchin
Sent Fri, Jan 31st 1997, 03:44

I remember when I was 14, I was buying polygon window, the instinct
compilations, altern 8, detroit techno comps and anything else I could get
my grubby little hands on.  Now Im 16, diggin Fax records, em:t, aphex
twin, orb, etc.  None of my friends really liked any of it except for when
they were stoned or trippin.  Sometimes 14 year olds can have good taste
and to see a kid with a faded Nirvana shirt pick up a Chemical Brothers or
Orbital cd or whatever makes me look back.  Because somewhere back then, I
was that kid in search of new music.  But then, to me, it was real since I
was in search of the unknown sound to my ears while now, if this scenario
comes true, it was shoved in their face by record marketing regimes.
Music is music, what you like is what you like but always listen to the
music for who you are and not what it is.  I hope that a generation of new
IDM, ambient, techno listeners will hear this out for all the music that
they listen to.

Time to quit the tangent before I think its really happening,

William Cordray - redacted@example.com