(idm) CDs for sale

From Brian & Sharon Beuchaw
Sent Tue, Jan 6th 1998, 18:05

Hi all,

I *had* to clean out my CD collection (to make room for my new stuff :-))
and am getting rid of about 200 CDs (of *all* genres/types).  The idm-type
stuff includes Rubber Johnny, Polygon Window, Photek, Lionrock, Flux Trax
2 comp, Being, some Ninja Tune, some Mo'Wax singles, and some Liquid Sky
stuff from Khan, Walker, Jammin' Unit.

Anyway, my list is at www.enteract.com/~beuchaw/cdsale.html or you can
email me at redacted@example.com with a subject of CDSALE (all caps, just
like that, so my autoresponder will catch it) and get the list.

Sorry for the commercial-type intrusion.....

"The most dementing of all modern sins: the inability to
distinguish excellence from success." - David Hare