Re: Doepfer modular

From ckey
Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 07:17

>On Fri, 21 Apr 1995, michal mcelhany wrote:
>> These modules must have low quality components and made in a Chinese
>> Sweatshop to be so cheap!  Serge is reasonable for what it is because a
>> 2600 was 2,600 dollars in 1975 and a Buchla 200 series(full
>> system)14,000$1971.The Doepfer modular Sounds like the"YUGO" of the
>> synthesizer world!
>Then again, it could become the Isetta of the Modular world, and still be
>chique 30 years later.  Cheap modular better than no modular, kemosabe.

Like to pass out some high ratings of fun factor towards the MAQ 16/3
This is a classic improvisor. If their modular is anywhere near as cool
as this, I will be calling soon