From Jassen Tawil
Sent Thu, Jan 13th 2000, 19:13

I have the following items FS - with a few more to follow in the next few 
days/weeks (keep an eye out):

Lexicon JAMMAN w/ 32 meg memory upgrade, original manual, and original 
powersupply.  The JAMMAN is cosmetically and functionally excellent.  For 
those who don't know the JAMMAN is a great looping sort of sampler.  It can 
also do midi sycn'd long delays (I think up to 30 seconds) as well as tap 
delays.  One sold on ebay a while ago for 900$ (yikes!) but I think 450$ + 
shipping would be a more reasonable price.

Lexcon REFLEX original manual, reference card, and original powersupply.  
The Reflex is cosmetically and functionally excellent.  The Reflex is a 
d*g*t*l reverb F/X unit with various reverbs, flange, chorus, and delay.  
Price: 250$ + shipping.

Roland MC-202, photocopied manual, and I will throw in a rat shack wallwart. 
  The MC-202 is 100% functional and cosmetically near excellent.  The case 
is missing a rectangular square chip from the front edge (the thin edge) 
where it looks like some other sort of cosmetic blemish might have been 
'doctored.'  The missing chip is about the 1cm x 1.5cm.  I purchased this 
unit from Tom Carpenter at Analogue Solutions.  I figured that the 202 had a 
cig burn on it and Tom cut it out.  When looking at the top face of the 202 
(the face with the sliders) you can not see the missing chip at all.  Price 
is 450$ + shipping.  Please email me if you want pics of the 202.

Lets see...The standard stuff..I'm a lurker here on AH - been on for years, 
all of these units were purchased off of AH, and I'm an honest guy - we all 
are, aren't we?;{

I will provide AH references if necessary.

I am willing to split the cost of an escrow service - never used one before 
but am willing.

I required prepayment with a Postal Money Order (except in the case of 
escrow) and I will ship within 24 hours of cashing the PMO.  I will pack 
these items well (lots of bubble wrap) - even skullsaw would be proud!

Please email if you have any questions/curiosities/moans/counteroffers.

Not really interested in Trades unless it is for a complete Doepfer Vocoder 
but I won't hold my breath.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

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