MIDI Sliders

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Sent Fri, Jan 30th 1998, 14:28

Soundwave [Chad Gould] wrote:
> Look at Doepfer's Regelwerk for that answer. The PC-1600 has 16 sliders
> and a LCD w/ software. Woop-de-doo. Cheap but I must admit if it had
> more functions and better systems, at the same price, it'd be more
> attractive.

I've got a jpg of an older Doepfer VMC-32 box on my web page (under
hardware). It has 32 sliders assignable to midi messages all in a 2U 19"
case. I do not know the used price but it is worth looking for.

btw I cracked some of the code in the Kawai MM-16. I reprogrammed it so
that the Kawai Presets are replaced by other synth. I have a Pulse,
Microwave and M-1000 version of the EPROM. I may put the code on my site


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