[AH] software/hardware CV/midi analogue sequencer advice sought

From RMC
Sent Tue, Jan 4th 2005, 19:25

Hello All

I think this is on-topic, but please flame and forgive if I'm wrong ...

I have had many useful answers to my earlier sequencer poser ( 31/12/04, Q: 
how to achieve this effect ... ?) and I thank you for those responses.  I 
have been looking at the P3 hardware sequencer, the Milton and the PSIM.

What I want to find is a software program (that runs on a windows PC 
ideally), which works like this:

1) Allows you to program notes or note ranges into the pattern sequencer 
software along with gate on/off info

2) reads a MIDI control surface (set of knobs or sliders such as the 
Evolution UC33 or Doepfer pocket bank etc)

3) outputs MIDI data to a midi-to-cv convertor

In this way, I would be able to use my control surface as the "analogue" 
input to the program and use the output on my MIDI synthesizer as well as my 
Korg MS synths. That would help keep costs down and make best use of what I 
already have.

Quantisation etc. would be dealt with in the software.

I have some limited experience with softsynths but I don't know enough about 
them to understand my own question!  Can anyone here with more knowledge 
(and that *is* anyone ) tell me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, or is 
there software to suit my goal?


RMC, England