Re: [AH] CV to MIDI converters

From Jim Johnson
Sent Thu, Mar 9th 2000, 03:56

The Expressionist will do V/Hz or V/Oct on any output channel,
independently. You can also set gate or switch triggers and tracking
independently for each output.

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On 3/9/00 at 3:22 AM Sevo Stille wrote:

>After another frustrating day I am finally ready to bury my Doepfer MCV
>converters and get something more sensible that does not crash within
>minutes. My setup will barely ever be patched up to more than two
>independent voices, nor do I use more than one or two controllers per
>voice, so something in the order of a Kenton Pro-2000 or Expressionist
>would be enough by voice count. However, I have both Hz/V and Oct/V
>gear. Does any of the above converters allow for simultaneous Hz/V and
>Oct/V operation? And are there any alternatives I've missed?
>Sevo Stille